Boiler Repair Brighton

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Essential heating are specialists in the repair of gas boilers and central heating systems in Brighton and hove.

If your gas boiler or central heating is faulty, leaking, intermittent, noisy, or in need of any other repair. Why not give us a call today?

Unlike so many ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ providers, our highly qualified and experienced engineers possess the genuine expertise to repair your gas boiler or central heating system with fewer parts in less time. So we are able to carry out a first class professional job while also saving you money.

Not sure if you have a fault? why not check out our DIY guide to boiler repair in Brighton.


DIY Heating Repair Guide

Before you start I should mention that gas appliances and electrical systems should only be worked on by qualified, competent and experienced professionals. This guide is designed to save your self time and money by checking the basics before making an unnecessary call out.

DIY heating repair guide. check the basics before calling the professionals. Boiler repair Brighton - Essential heating. Do controls and boiler have power? check fuse. Are controls calling for heat? Is reset light or fault code displayed? Does the gas boiler and heating system have the correct pressure? is the boiler functioning correctly? Turn up thermostat. Turn timer to on. reset boiler. Is boiler working now? . Is your heating working? Call a proffessional